Jessica’s Story


Since I was young I’ve always had a difficult time recovering from stress. Being a Type A personality I can be quite hard on myself when things don't go as planned. Once I started university things got worse as I struggled with anxiety and health issues that started appearing. I started taking prescription proton pump inhibitors for acid reflux in 2004 and prescription sleeping pills in 2007 for insomnia. Fast forward to my 30s. The stress and chemicals that had accumulated over my lifetime put stress on my body and I was no longer able to cope.

A symptom is your body’s way of crying out to you ‘pay attention to me’. Something needs to change.

I had Adrenal Fatigue, heavy metal toxicity, lack of gut microbiome diversity and a weak detoxification system which contributed to my struggle - but I didn’t know it at the time. After a miscarriage and several courses of antibiotics I crashed. So hard that I thought I was going to die or if not then dying would be easier. The anxiety was unbearable and the symptoms just piled up (indigestion/ insomnia/ shaking/ intense fear and panic attacks) that I had to stop working. For help I looked to the only profession I knew – the medical community. None of the issues my body REALLY struggled with are recognized by the medical community so my doctor prescribed only what she knew. That’s when I started my first antidepressant. Then another followed then some anti-anxiety drugs. I didn’t improve but I did get worse since each came with its own set of side effects until I no longer could separate me from the effects the drugs had on me.

Throughout my ordeal I had this gut feeling that something wasn’t right about my treatment. I researched literature using my prior training in pharmacology, endocrinology, human biology and genetics and I explored spirituality until I was sure I understood what was happening to me. Equipped with new knowledge I knew I needed to wean off medication but every western medical professional I saw told me absolutely not. The system puts a lot of emphasis on the idealogy that illness is "all in our heads". Kelly Brogan, a psychiatrist in NYC wrote a book I highly recommend entitled ‘A mind of her own’. This book changed my life. It confirmed everything I had learned about how the toxins in our environment contribute to disease and my belief system started to change. I needed to prove to myself that I knew more about my own body then the so called experts and I was right. I did some independant genetic testing and learned that I have various mutations in my genetics that equate to my having a slow detoxification system.

Did you know that your gut secretes the majority of our neurotransmitters including serotonin? Yet people put on antidepressants for brain ‘imbalances’ when the issues are often gut imbalances. Weaning off medications against 'expert' opinion and advocating for myself was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do.

This is when my real healing journey started. The journey of taking the necessary steps to regain control of my health.

I didn’t know how I was going to change my eating habits from a lifetime and convenience of pizza, pasta & cheese (as typical Italian families do).

Now I eat real foods and make modifications to the foods I used to enjoy. I am mindful about what goes into my body because I now understand my limitations and how to care for it. I now have the tools and knowledge to ensure my children and YOU never go through what I did.

We are losing our voice and I’d love to help you take it back. I want to teach you how to educate and advocate for yourself. I can show you all the healthy alternatives to still eat the foods you enjoy while making progress towards your health goals. We are each unique and the program that may have worked for your friend won't necessarily work for you so lets find out what your unique needs are.

There is always a divine life purpose for enduring challenges

Jessica’s Credentials

Honours Bachelor of Science (Biology/Psychology) York University
Master of Biotechnology, University of Toronto
Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1, CHEK Institute
Intuitive Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Practical Solutions
Holistic Nutrition Practitioner – In progress, Edison Institute of Nutrition
Quantum Reflex Analysis – In Progress

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Luke’s Story

When someone has a health condition you often hear “that’s just part of getting older”. False. The natural state of our body is health. Health has nothing to do with age but everything to do with lifestyle choices. Living to be past 100 with optimal health is my goal. Hopefully it will be yours too.

Growing up I was always the skinny kid. I had no desire to eat and when I did it was a minimal assortment of food choices. As a teen I wore size XL clothing to help hide my insecurities. Then I discovered weight training and with little instruction, structure and consistency it helped getting me nowhere. So I turned to the Muscle Magazines in search of the answer to all my muscle gaining prayers. I bought all the muscle gaining shakes I could afford and I started to put on weight. It was working! No it wasn’t. I got fat. Something was wrong. Why wasn’t this working? Well my diet was all over the place, my training was stagnant and I was stressed from everything else going on in my life. No wonder I didn’t see any progress. As I studied more about how the body worked, I realized how synergistic it all was and with everything my wife was going through, I knew there was a connection. So I started to clean up my diet and sleep. I started to meditate and to my surprise my health started to improve! I woke up refreshed and lost all my stomach and joint pain. But that all changed when I discovered Paul Chek and the CHEK Institute where my journey truly began...

I am not your ordinary trainer you would find in any commercial gym. I am one of the lucky few who has certifications with the world renowned CHEK Institute Advanced Training Program.

We focus on how the body functions as one, not as individual parts. Stabilization of the body's Core is key in any type of movement. As a CHEK Coach, I am not only a Corrective Exercise Therapist but also a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. I am here to help you incorporate lifestyle management and metabolic nutrition with your personal exercise program for optimal results.

It’s never too late to become what you could have been

-George Elliot

Luke’s Credentials

CHEK Exercise Coach
Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2
Scientific Core Training
Scientific Back Training
Program Design

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